Providing a loving and caring environment with high standards of care.

About Churchdown Nursery

Churchdown Day Nursery is a privately owned establishment in Parton Road, Churchdown, and has been operating since 1997. It is conveniently situated between Cheltenham and Gloucester and has moved to a new purpose built nursery.

We pride ourselves on providing a loving and caring environment with high standards of care. Our staff hold nationally recognised qualifications and are all experienced childcare practitioners who have been chosen for their individual skills and aptitude for working with children. All staff are trained in first aid and child protection and they regularly attend courses to further their qualifications. We currently employ a dedicated Early Years Professional.

The welfare of children in our care is our highest priority, and we discuss as a team our values and aims so that we all understand the importance of following best practice which will give your child the best possible start from an early age. Each child is valued as an individual without racial and gender stereo typing. Different cultures, ethnic, religious and social groups and those with and without disabilities will be valued and respected.


We operate a ‘key person’ system, which allows your child to have the same member of staff to settle and develop within the nursery. The key person will be responsible for observing, keeping developmental records and planning individual activities for your child.

It is important that we work in partnership with the parents of the children we care for. Staff work hard to develop good relationships with all parents so that we are all working towards the best outcomes for your child.

Nursery grant funding and payment through nursery voucher is acceptable.

Please call us today to find out more about our nursery and the services we provide.


Look at our Amazing Rooms


3 - 18 Months

This is a fantastic room with a friendly atmosphere. With access to the balcony children can benefit from a free flow learning environment. The children enjoy a wide variety of learning experiences. Regular visits to the local park, library, post office cement our relationship with the local community.


18 - 24 Months

Our Kangas are based in a large bright room with lots of space for independent play and discovery. Within this room we encourage the children develop their existing skills and build on life experiences through small world play; such as farm; castle; trains; dolls house; fire station and hospital.


24 - 36 Months

In this bright and colourful room, our children are given support and encouragement to develop their independence through a range of play experiences. Children are actively encouraged to work together in small groups for activities such as puzzles and drawing.


36+ Months

This large room is laid out so that children can safely and independently explore and develop their own learning, with the care and support of a highly qualified team.

This room boasts a glass front that opens out on to our all weather garden that allows the children to extend their learning and play in an indoor – outdoor environment.

Within this room each child has their own named drawer where they keep all of their work to take home.

The Best Experience Ever